Online Events

Online Events

Online Automotive Debate & Networking | Post-Covid Manufacturing Challenges

Automotive Manufacturing 2021 Plant Automation, Digitalisation, SupplyChain | LinkedIn
FREE to Attend | VIDEO Zoom, 90-Min Online. 1) INTRODUCTIONS (20 min) || 2) TOPICS (25 min)- Supply Chain & Production challenges: Invited Production & Supplier Quality Managers from Hyundai, Varroc & Bosch. Debate with Regional Purchasing Managers / 7 min Presentations- OEMs and Tier1 Plans and V…

29. October 2021, Friday, 13:00 - 15:00 CET

Session One

Andreto Laureoti Tada Zhuei Blaise Shrimly
Darmstand Engineer Random Scientist Head of Heads
NewSanta UCTL Vangua Tondin Auto

Session Two

Rosen Nuneaton Tada Zhuei Blaise Shrimly
Senior Engineer Random Scientist Head of Heads
NewUCTBH UCTL Vangua Tondin Auto

12. November 2021, Friday, 13:00 - 15:00 CET

Free to Attend | 120-Minute Online Event

Networking & Themes

- Production and Suppychain Challenges, 10-min Presentations
- OEMs and Supplier plans and volumes
- Electric Cars and 1.7 trillion EUR Brussels Green Fund
- Networking: Last 30 minutes, Socialising in Breakout Rooms


Look. Dada made new speakers. version 2

zhu-1 juaona-1 Crinley-1 Filomena1-2
Alessandro Petriccini Tada Zhuei June Nuneaton Robbert Shrimly
Darmstand Engineer Random Scientist Super Access Mananager Deputy CEO
NewSanta UCTL Larmapeuticals Langdey Systems Vansar Automotive

Speakers Airtable:

Volkswagen, Senior Purchaser | Faurecia, SQE Dept Leader | ABB Robotics, General Manager CZ | Adient Technology, Chief Engineer

Register your Free place by emailing us: info(at)


Previous Events

Automotive Supplychain Forum, Warsaw, May 2019

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